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Lion populations are in crisis, and you're the solution.

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Photos by Chris Schmid

Historically, lions have occupied almost every part of Africa. Today they have disappeared from 94% of this range.


Why We Need Lions

Saving lions is good for our economy, our environment and us.


The best way to help is to tweet at Tanzania's leaders, influencers and decision makers to #bethepride and save the lion before it's too late. Start by clicking on a profile below.

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"Simba Ni" Video

What does the lion mean to you?

In Tanzania it is a symbol that's inextricably linked with our national identity, representing not just our rich natural heritage, but also the traits we idealise and aim to embody as a nation. Qualities like strength, majesty, power, courage and resilience. To raise awareness about how deeply linked the lion is to our identity, please share the Simba Ni video. And then read about the inspiring individuals featured in the video by clicking on their bios.

About the People

Mrisho Mpoto

Poet and Artist

Mrisho Mpoto

Mrisho is a renowned poet, actor, director and storyteller whose biggest passion is oral performance of Swahili poetry. Passionate about nature since he was young, Mrisho has long believed that all natural things should be protected and cherished and to this end has penned many songs about the value of nature and impacts of poaching, including the popular "Deni la Hisani" (meaning "debt of courtesy" in Swahili).

Conservation's Unsung Heroes

Celebrating the people making a difference.

Yamat Lengai

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Stefano Asicheka

Community Liaison Officer

Neria Abdi

Lion Conflict Officer

Mandela and Julius

Lion Defenders

Bernard Kissui

Lion Researcher

Yamat. Neria. Julius. Mandela. Bernard. Stefano. Kirerenjo. You might not recognise these names, but they are our heroes and we hope they'll be yours – they are the ordinary men and women working day (and sometimes night) in wildlife conservation, doing their bit to protect Tanzania's lions and their environment. Our series highlighting Conservation's Unsung Heroes pays tribute to the often overlooked, rarely seen people who play a pivotal role in not only conserving this beloved species but also in helping the communities who bear the brunt of living alongside them.

That could be lion defenders like Julius and Mandela, working to prevent traditional lion hunts; or working mother Yamat, gathering invaluable data that helps her organization make effective decisions on preventing lion attacks; or Kirerenjo, who educates pastoralists about grazing their livestock more efficiently and less harmfully to lion habitat. Please watch our hero videos and then leave them a message of support in the YouTube comments section.


Lion in
My Life

We see the lion motif everywhere, from our currency notes to kangas, t-shirts to trinkets. It is a sacred symbol, part of our history and mythology, so deeply embedded into our nation's cultural fabric that we rarely even notice it anymore. But now we want you to show us that overlooked, long-forgotten lion in your life by taking a photograph any time you notice something with a lion on it – it could be a keychain, a painting, a poster, a t-shirt, a tattoo even! – and post it to Instagram using the hashtags #lioninmylife and #bethepride.

Tell us in one sentence what the lion means to you and you will be entered into a raffle draw. The winner gets an all-expenses paid safari trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania to see lions IRL, where you'll be put up at Alex Walker's Serian's beautiful Serengeti Lamai lodge. For full list of terms and conditions, see here.

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